The Ballast Point Advantage

Capital, Expertise, and Key Relationships

to help entrepreneurs build their companies to their full potential


The thing we do best is work with entrepreneurs.

We’re 100% dedicated to helping founders realize their dreams, and we know there will be bumps along the way. We’ve helped many entrepreneurs overcome the challenges you may face. Our experience gives us perspective that will provide balance through any storms as we work together towards success. If you call us with a problem, we’re going to help you get through it. Together, we’ve got this.


We’ve been investing together for over 20 years.

The Ballast Point Ventures principals have spent their careers building and investing in outstanding companies. We view our long industry experience as the means for helping a company with a proven business model to accelerate its growth. When you partner with us, our expertise goes to work, investing in you and supporting you with a trusted, knowledgeable, skilled team.


We’ve spent years building relationships with people who can help you scale your business.

We leverage our extensive network to help our entrepreneur partners scale their businesses. Our network includes executive talent, service providers, and industry experts who are committed to helping our companies succeed. When you partner with Ballast Point Ventures, you gain access to our extended network and benefit from our ability to make the right introductions at the right time.


Strategic funding can help you realize your potential.

Capital is the financial fuel that enables a promising enterprise to thrive. Whether you are raising equity capital for growth investments, acquisitions, or to provide for shareholder liquidity, we have the financial resources to help accelerate your growth and substantially increase the value of your business. Our investment in your business leverages our expertise and network as we come alongside you to partner in your success.

We’re looking for high-quality

people building great businesses.

We believe that great entrepreneurs build great businesses, so we target investments in companies led by experienced, focused management teams with deep domain and management expertise, a burning drive to succeed, and a high level of integrity.