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Theragen receives patent for spine fusion bone growth stimulator with digital health data connectivity

Medical device company Theragen is pleased to announce the issuance of a U.S. Patent acknowledging its innovative approach to the development of the ActaStim-S Spine Fusion Bone Growth Stimulator system.

ActaStim Sync Digital Companion App


The first new Spine Fusion Stimulator on the market in decades, ActaStim-S blends clinically proven therapeutic stimulation with modern design and a data-rich digital health platform. The system not only promotes healing, it encourages patient compliance, engagement, and informed dialogue with healthcare providers during the critical — and lengthy — post-operative fusion process.

“Spinal fusion is a healing process, often characterized as a race to achieve solid fusion before failure of the implanted hardware,” says co-inventor and Theragen CEO Chris McAuliffe. “Electrical stimulation is a clinically proven, safe and effective post-operative adjunct therapy that can help patients win that race, however its clinical effectiveness requires regular use over several months.”

“That’s why we’ve taken a user-centric approach, designing a more wearable device that also offers a digital health component that gives patients the unique opportunity to engage in, follow, and truly impact their own recovery.”

COO, VP of R&D, and co-inventor Richard Pearce explains further: “The system includes a remarkably discreet, unobtrusive wearable unit that is very well received by patients. It includes utilization tracking, on-board activity sensing, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, and an intuitive app that helps patients visualize their progress over time.”

“The essence of this new U.S. Patent (#11,394,919) is focused on ensuring that this connectivity does not interfere with ease of use — and that data collection and transfer can happen quickly and effectively.” Learn more about Theragen’s user-centric approach in Pearce’s recent Med Device Online article, 3 Lessons Learned Designing Our Digital Health App.

Theragen, Inc. is a leader in the development and manufacture of non-invasive, electrical stimulation DME products that deliver therapeutic energy for healing and empower patients to play an active role in their recovery. We’re committed to continuous innovation and expanding our reach to help improve outcomes for more patients. To learn more, please visit

Contact:  Richard Pearce, COO/VP R&D
Phone:  901-634-0544

Article takes on $5.2M investment from Ballast Point Ventures to create the world’s best hiring experience for software developers is a Nashville-born global talent agency that has spent the last decade getting the world’s best software developers hired on remote, long-term engagements with forward-thinking organizations. The company uses proprietary software and a unique, personal approach to massively outperform industry-standard hiring practices. In today’s competitive technology hiring market, organizations and software professionals work through to get to work faster and reduce complexity and risk.

This month, entered into an investment partnership with Ballast Point Ventures and raised $5.2M to accelerate its growth, the first such investment the company has taken on in its decade of profitable operation.

The company will direct the investment into improving the hiring experience for its 20,000+ users:

  • Vetted software professionals will be able to land their first paid engagement on the platform faster, while does the hard work behind the scenes.
  • Hirers will be equipped with data-backed recommendations for competitive salaries that will help them land (and retain) world-class talent.
  • Professionals will be equipped with data-backed recommendations for market rates based on their skill and experience level; no more guessing how much to charge.
  • Professionals will see a dramatic increase in full-time and freelance jobs on the platform, including opportunities to broaden their skill sets.
  • For developers who want to increase their earning potential, will offer mentorship across both professional and software skills.

Over the last ten years, has paid out over $10 million to developers across the world, and has helped organizations access the kind of software talent that powers Silicon Valley darlings. Organizations like The Motley Fool and Custom Ink have expanded their development capacity with engineers, and those same engineers have helped founders build and launch category-defining products.

“When we first met with Ballast Point Ventures, we were immediately struck by how aligned we were not just on the opportunity in front of, but on our philosophy of how to build an enduring company through controlled and measured growth,” said Teja Yenamandra, co-founder and CEO of “Robert, Laura, and the team at Ballast Point Ventures not only have a great deal of practical marketplace experience, but they are disciplined investors that conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity. That is precisely the culture we’re building at our company, and that focus on enduring relationships, integrity, and competence is precisely why our companies and developers choose to work with us instead of the myriad options they have. We look forward to building together and continuing to transform the tech recruiting and staffing landscape.”

“Having gotten to know Teja over the last several years, we have been very impressed with the company that he has built in Nashville.  We know the problem that he and are tackling is a large and growing one, as we have heard firsthand from our portfolio of software companies about the challenge of finding high-quality software developers. This dynamic, coupled with the acceleration of ‘work-from-anywhere’, and gig worker trends, got us excited about partnering with Teja and his team have achieved significant growth with minimal outside capital investment, showing focus and determination that impressed us from the beginning,” said Ballast Point Ventures Partner Robert Faber, who will join the Board of Directors. Laura Stein, who joined Ballast Point Ventures as a Vice President this past Spring, will join the Company as a Board Observer. Stein commented, “ is a great fit for us, given its headquarters in the Southeastern United States and its capital efficiency to-date. We are excited to partner with Teja, Tyler, and the rest of the team at”


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