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PaceMate™ Closes Series A Financing to Accelerate Growth

Source:  BuisinessWire

PaceMate™, the leading digital healthcare company in compliant cardiac data management, is pleased to announce a recent $8 million Series A investment led by Ballast Point Ventures. PaceMate™’s fully automated, bidirectional EHR-integrated platform—PaceMate™LIVE—is a comprehensive, cloud-native cardiac data management solution, delivering round-the-clock remote monitoring service, customized alerts and automated billing codes. PaceMate™ will use this investment from Ballast Point to expand market reach for PaceMate™LIVE and enable more cardiac device clinics to care for their patients efficiently with better outcomes.

“Ballast Point’s funding propels PaceMate™’s presence in the cardiac data space, making it possible to extend our reach in the cardiac monitoring market and offer our platform to additional hospital systems and device clinics”

Ballast Point Ventures, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is a later-stage venture capital and growth equity fund founded in 2002 to provide expansion capital for rapidly growing, privately owned companies in the healthcare, software and technology-enabled business services industries. PaceMate™ is the first investment out of Ballast Point Ventures IV. “PaceMate™’s proprietary technology platform and monitoring services allow clients to improve the quality of care while leveraging existing technology infrastructure and seamlessly fitting into clinic workflows,” said Matt Rice, Partner at Ballast Point Ventures. “We’re excited to partner with Tripp Higgins and his team as they continue to expand the reach of this unique and innovative solution.”

“Ballast Point’s funding propels PaceMate™’s presence in the cardiac data space, making it possible to extend our reach in the cardiac monitoring market and offer our platform to additional hospital systems and device clinics,” said Tripp Higgins, CEO of PaceMate™. “We give our customers unique digital healthcare opportunities and connect them with the most essential clinical information from their patients’ EHRs in real time. With this investment, implementation of our platform can happen faster, and more cardiology clients can take advantage of our unmatched data capabilities.”

About PaceMate™

PaceMate™ was founded in 2015 by cardiac rhythm management industry professionals who experienced firsthand the overwhelming amount of device data inundating clinicians on a daily basis. In answer to this ever-increasing health data problem, the PaceMate™ team developed innovative technology to streamline the device clinic, improve workflow, reduce medical errors and take better care of patients. Today, PaceMate™LIVE is a best-in-class, cloud-native software+service solution for real-time cardiac device management—supporting clinics 24.7.365. Device-generated data automatically uploads to our vendor-neutral platform for immediate review—reporting clinically actionable alerts with complete, bi-directional EHR integration. Meet us at the intersection of human intelligence, innovative data management and compassionate healthcare—where we never miss a beat.™

PowerChord named winner of the Tampa Bay Top Workplaces in 2021

Thank you Tampa Bay Times – Times Publishing Co for naming PowerChord as a winner of the Tampa Bay Top Workplaces in 2021, as well as awarding us with the top work/life flexibility title! Creating a collaborative, supportive, and safe environment for our employees to learn and grow is our top priority and we couldn’t be more proud of our growth this past year!

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Relentlessly (if quietly) preparing the future

The Convair Model 118, from 1947

In 2011 Peter Thiel famously quipped, We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters.”  His comment was taken by some to suggest that entrepreneurs and their backers had shifted away from transformational technologies.

One year later Moderna Theraputics was founded, and one year after that Lucira Health was.  Both received backing from venture firms, and both are now transforming the COVID-ravaged world: the former by creating a vaccine to battle the most devastating health crisis the world has experienced in over 100 years, and the latter by creating the first at-home (self administered) test for the same.

In our little corner of the world two of our own portfolio companies, Carterra and Y-Prime, are involved in important COVID-related work on vaccines, testing, and therapeutic trials.

  • Carterra is playing a meaningful role in the fight against COVID, continuing their work with the Gates Foundation and the La Jolla Institute of Immunology.  The Carterra LSA platform for accelerating the discovery of therapeutic antibodies is being used to screen therapies and to investigate virus mutations that will make COVID-19 more difficult to treat or vaccinate against.  Eli Lilly and AbCellera used the LSA platform, which enables 100 times the binding data to be collected in 10% of the time with 1% of the sample (vs. competing platforms), to bring an antibody from concept to clinical trials in 90 days – a process that normally takes years.
  • COVID has altered the landscape of clinical outcome assessments (COAs), creating significant new challenges in patient participation and data collection. Most sponsors have no experience with virtual trials and have seen delays and cancellations in their urgent work. In this interview, Y-Prime’s Vice President of Strategic Solutions Donna Mongiello discusses trends in the “virtualization” of clinical trials.  Y-Prime is helping to transform how eCOAs recruit patients, distribute devices,  train sites and patients, and gather data.

While it is true that not every start-up may be as historically meaningful as the aforementioned, and technological innovation doesn’t always move as linearly or breezily as imagined in the movies, more than a few of them are always laying the groundwork for a future that is healthier and happier for us all.

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