Florida Cities Conquer World’s Best City List

November 14, 2016

Congratulations to Tampa, Orlando and Miami on making the list of the top 100 World’s Best City Brands!  It’s no surprise to us, but it’s nice to see others recognizing great Florida cities!

Why Tampa was named a World’s Best City brand

Posted November 8th, 2016 by Tampa Bay Business Journal

Tampa has made it onto the list of 100 of the World’s Best City Brands, taking the No. 81 spot.

As one of three Florida cities in Resonance Consultancy’s 2017 World’s Best City Brands report, Tampa faced stiff competition from major, cosmopolitan locations across the globe. Resonance compared principal cities that are defined as the largest city in each urban area with metropolitan populations of 2 million and capital cities with a population of 1 million or more.

Miami ranked No. 31 while Orlando was No. 45 on the list.

“Increasingly, reputation, identity and the perceived quality of place determine where talent, capital and tourism flow,” Resonance said in its report.

The top 10 cities on the list are:

1. London
2. Singapore
3. New York
4. Paris
5. Sydney
6. Amsterdam
7. Los Angeles
8. Tokyo
9. San Francisco
10. Toronto

To measure the perceived appeal of a city in which to live, invest or visit, Resonance based its evaluation on six criteria: place, product, programming, people, prosperity and promotion.

In the place category, Tampa ranked No. 59. In this category, Resonance scrutinized the average air quality index; the average number of sunny days; the homicide rate; the number of excellent neighborhoods and landmarks recommended by locals and visitors; and the number of excellent parks and outdoor activities recommended by locals and visitors.

In the product category, Tampa didn’t fare as well. Resonance examined the ranking of the top local university; the number of direct destinations served by the airport; the size of convention center; the number of very good or excellent attractions and amusements recommended by locals and visitors; and the number of very good or excellent museums and fine arts institutions recommended by locals and visitors. Despite Tampa International Airport’s high scores on other travel lists as well as the number of new nonstop foreign destinations it is providing this year and next, Tampa ranked No. 93 on the list of 100.

In the programming category, Resonance compared the number of very good and excellent shopping, nightlife, restaurants and cultural and performing arts experiences recommended by locals and visitors. Tampa ranked near the bottom of the list in this category, coming in at No. 98.

Under the people category, Resonance measured the percentage of the population that is foreign born. The company’s rationale was this: “The more diverse a city’s population, the more it produces global ideas … on a local scale.” Here, Miami ranked high, taking the No. 4 slot. Orlando was No. 50 in this category while Tampa was No. 56.

Under the prosperity category, Resonance evaluated a city’s unemployment rate, its GDP per capita and number of Global 500 corporate headquarters. Here, Tampa was ranked No. 59.

Finally, in the promotion category, Resonance looked at “city’s ability to tell its story” and examined the amount and frequency of media coverage, online articles, references and place-based recommendations that influence the perception of a city on a daily basis. Resonance looked at Google references to the city and TripAdvisor reviews. Tampa was No. 90 on the list despite aggressive marketing campaigns to out-of-state and overseas locations by Visit Tampa Bay and Visit St. Pete-Clearwater.

Resonance collected the data during the third quarter of 2016.

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