Think about it deeply, then forget it

June 5, 2013

Just think about it deeply, then forget it… then an idea will jump up in your face.”

– Don Draper, in Indian Summer

Either because we’re late to the Mad Men bandwagon or we’re just simply behind on any television that isn’t business or sports, we only yesterday caught up with this piece of advice from Don to copywriter Peggy Olson.

If we’d stumbled across it sooner we’d have used it last month when we wrote on the topic of creativity or six months ago when we published a three-part (!) series on “deliberating without attention” in Thinking Consciously, Unconsciously, and Semi-Consciously.

We searched in vain for the stand-alone clip in which Jon Hamm delivers the line, so we’ll use this one instead.  An-adman-says-what?  Exactly.

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