Wireless backhaul works in less populated areas as well as major cities

November 2, 2011

Ron Mudry, CEO of Tower Cloud, recently offered practial reasons why less populated areas are also excellent opportunities for delivering wireless backhaul services:

  • 85% of mobile backhaul bandwidth is in non-NFL cities or rural areas
  • Individual sites in those areas have lower cell-site density and require more bandwidth
  • Existing dark fiber is available to lease from other carriers, utility companies, and municipalities – even if slightly harder to find than in large cities
  • The same networks that deliver fiber to cell towers can also reach other business locations, helping to amortize the cost of fiber

Tower Cloud operates backhaul networks throughout Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina and is building additional networks to support national and regional wireless carriers.  Speaking about his company’s expanded capacity in Atlanta, Mudry explained, “With the explosive growth of iPhones, Blackberries and Android Smart phones, wireless carriers are rushing to upgrade and enhance their networks to meet today’s demand.  Atlanta is a prime example of our ability to quickly and efficiently turn up a network to help bring real-time 4G to consumers.”

Tower Cloud’s recently completed $49 million round of financing is mentioned here in the WSJ’s Venture Capital Dispatch.

Below you can see Mudry discuss wireless backhaul at COMPTEL Plus in Orlando:

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