RIP Steve Jobs

October 6, 2011

The are many excellent pieces/obits about Steve Jobs today.  You’ve probably seen several, but we wanted to make sure our network did not miss this one below:  video of the 1984 launch of Macintosh.  It could be called “nerds gone wild.”

It’s easy to forget the revolution, and how far & fast we’ve traveled since A>chkdsk (click on image to the left if you need a reminder).

RIP Mr. Jobs, and thank you.



UPDATE (10/8/11):  12 things I learned from Steve Jobs

Not everyone will believe—that’s OK. But the starting point of changing the world is changing a few minds. This is the greatest lesson of all that I learned from Steve. May he rest in peace knowing how much he changed the world.

  1. Experts are clueless
  2. Customers cannot tell you what they need
  3. Jump to the next curve
  4. The biggest challenges beget the best work
  5. Design counts
  6. You can’t go wrong with big graphics and big fonts
  7. Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence
  8. “Value” is different from”Price”
  9. A players hire A+ players
  10. Real CEOs demo
  11. Real CEOs ship
  12. Marketing boils down to providing unique value
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