Scripps Florida builds SE biotech

August 2, 2010

The Daily Business Review credits Scripps Florida for its impact on biotech innovation. (Subscription required)

Scripps Florida – the first and sole satellite of the Scripps Research Institute, is one of only three national translational research high-throughput screening centers approved by the NIH and received the first NIH drug development grant.

Its presence has helped South Florida attract other impressive research organizations: the Max Planck Institute (Jupiter), Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies and the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Instititute (Port St. Lucie), Sandford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Orlando), and The University of Miami’s Life Science Park.

While biotech research is becoming more and more the province of research centers, the resulting technology spin-offs do tend to cluster around those research centers. Mark Mirkin of Carlton Fields writes:

For better or worse, biotech innovation has largely been abandoned as a primary pursuit by pharmaceutical companies, becoming the pursuit of universities and research institutes, leaving pharma to focus on applied research. (Although) it is difficult to calculate with precision a rate of return on an investment in basic research because of the lenghty time period between discovery and application, it is hard not to notice that hundreds of biotech companies have arisen in the San Diego area, home of Scripps, and hundreds of others have arisen in Germany’s Bavaria region, home of Max Planck.”

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